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TOOLS to help you BUILD your Faith

1. READ the WORD!  

  – – A simple and effective way to choose a reading plan to fit every need and time slot. 
  – – You can choose a wide variety or translations and change them at a whim. 


2. Fill your home with Godly influences. All of these have apps for smartphones and can be live streamed on your home computer. Just remember to use your home WIFI so that you do not run up huge data bills!
  –  Moody Radio has an app that is free and allows you to listen to all kinds of ministry and music anytime. 
  –  BOTT Radio is another Biblically sound and uplifting ministry
  –  BBN is the Bible Broadcasting Network and is the most conservative of the three. 
  –  One Place is a central site for many ministries 

Remember the computer acrostic – GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out and filter what fills your heart, mind and home if you want to walk in victory in 2017!

Christian Organizations
Christian Ministries
Voice of the Martyrs – App available for both iPhone and Android
News Organizations
Christian Museums
Creationism – Countering the lie of Evolution 
Creationism Documentaries  
Online Bible Tools