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Faith Bible Chapel embarked on a new Sunday School program curriculum from Answers in Genesis that began with the Spring Quarter of 2013 (Sunday April 7). The Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) program is intended to be used over the course of three years and by the end will cover the entire Bible in chronological order in conjuction with the 7 “C’s” of History. The material will aid the student in providing answers to the issues that we confront every day throughout the media, school, friends, etc. All ages will be better equipped to defend the Bible, and to give an account of the light that is with-in us as believers.

The Fall of 2015 finds the Sunday School program beginning Year 2 of the ABC Curriculum. You are sill welcome to join us as we continue our journey through the Bible! Because of the content of the curriculum, we are generally taking 2 Sundays get through each lesson.

Key Concepts (from the Answers in Genesis Website)

  • The Bible is Trustworthy – We can trust all of God’s Word.
  • God’s Attributes – God’s attributes are displayed throughout the Bible.
  • Chronological/Historical Teaching – The Bible presents true history, not just “stories.”
  • The Bible’s Redemption – God’s plan of redemption is woven throughout Scripture.
  • Apologetics – We must be ready to give an answer for what we believe.
  • Life Application – We are to live in light of what the Bible teaches.

Scope and Sequence of the Answers Bible Curriculum

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Sunday School Classes

All the Sunday School Classes will be utilizing the same curriculum taylered to each age group Pre-K through Adult. The class breakdown is as follows:

Pre-K through Grade 1

Grade 2 – Grade 5

Grade 6 – 12